Fewer Seams

We take all steps to ensure that any given install is accomplished with the minimum number of seams.  While this may make it more challenging and expensive for us, we believe this results in a superior look and appearance when the project is done. 

Sealed Tops and Overhangs

Some fabricators may not seal their slabs or may charge an additional fee for sealing. Custom Granite & Marble seals all tops to maximize appearance and performance over the long term.

Polished Overhang Undersides

Custom Granite & Marble even polishes the undersides of overhangs that can be seen or touched in everyday use. This gives countertops and vanities that look good and feel good to the touch — even from underneath.

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Reinforced Spans and Overhangs

We reinforce overhangs, thin areas like the front of sink cutouts, and unsupported areas like appliance spans with fiberglass inserts. We cut a channel into the underside of the granite, insert the reinforcing rods, and permanently seal it in place with epoxy.

The result is granite countertops and vanities that are among the strongest in the industry that have minimal chance of cracking or breaking even with heavy use.

Though few fabricators take such extra steps Custom Granite & Marble takes every step possible to ensure that your granite will last a lifetime.

Skilled, Experienced Installers Only 

Some granite fabricators and installers choose to cut costs by using inexpensive labor to install their countertops and vanities.

At present, Custom Granite & Marble doesn’t use any installer with anything less than 5 years of experience. We’re pleased to enjoy a reputation for knowledge, skill and experience; that reputation was not earned by accident.

Honest Up-front Estimates With No “Junk Fees

Some fabricators may advertise deceptively low pricing like “Granite Countertops $29 per foot!” but pad the final invoice with additional fees for things like sealing, installation, delivery, shop supplies, etc. This can mean the final cost is the same or even higher.

Custom Granite & Marble
believes in providing an honest up-front estimate we can commit to from the beginning. We know our customers don’t appreciate surprises on final invoices, and our reputation for quality means we don’t need to rely on bait-and-switch gimmicks.

Are you looking for a beautiful new sink for your new custom counter?

In addition to beautiful granite and marble installations and craftwork, Custom Granite & Marble also offers a variety of beautiful and durable stainless steel sinks to help complete your kitchen. Just like our counters and other products, we stand by our quality work and beautiful results.

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